"Kontiki" 2CD Deluxe Edition CD


1. Camp Hill Operator
2. Homefront Cameo
3. Spin My Wheels
4. My Before And After
5. Private Ruth
6. Vegetable Row
7. Aurora Bori Alice
8. Church Of Wilson
9. Lily Dreams On
10. Password
11. Animal Show Drinking Song
12. Prophecy For The Golden Age
13. She's Only Cool
14. Autumn's Birds

Cotton Mather’s 1997 album Kontiki was reissued on CD in 2012 with a bonus
disc of demos. Now, with renewed interest in the band, and this underground
classic, Kontiki will be released on vinyl for the first time on Friday November
25th on 180 Gram Orange Vinyl along with a Bonus 7-inch, limited to the first
300 copies, containing two Cotton Mather tracks (“I’ll Be Gone,” and “Animal
Show” featuring the late Ian ‘Mac’ McLagan from The Faces/Small Faces that
were previously only available on a now out-of-print single issued several years

Cotton Mather released its debut album Cotton Is King in 1994, but it was Kontiki,
famously recorded on four-track cassette and released in 1997, that drew praise
from critics and rock-stars alike, so much so in the UK that many thought the band
originated there.