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1. The Book Of Too Late Changes
2. Close To The Sun
3. The Middle Of Nowhere
4. Candy Lilac
5. Life Of The Liar
6. The Land of Flowers
7. Never Be It
8. Queens Of Swords
9. Waters Raging
10. Child Bride
11. The End Of Dewitt Finley

It didn’t take 15 years for Cotton Mather’s Austin-based main man, Robert Harrison to
write the 64 songs that comprise his latest musical vision, one song for each hexagram (or
reading) of the I Ching, that’s actually the amount of time that has passed since the last
full-length album of new Cotton Mather songs was released. With so much new material
on deck, it seems like Harrison is making up the difference.

Cotton Mather’s much revered album Kontiki – originally issued in 1997, and then again as
a deluxe edition in 2012 – was heavily influenced by Chinese philosophy. Uncut Magazine
gave Kontiki “Five Stars” calling the record “music to smile yourself to death to.” Mojo
said the songs were “brought to life with daring vitality,” and in its own five-star review,
The Guardian called Kontiki “a bewildering, dizzy thrill.” It wasn’t just the press either.
Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher fell in love with Kontiki soon after discovering
it. When Noel was asked “What are you listening to these days?” in the pages of Mojo, he
answered, “Cotton Mather,” and went on to say, “I thought if that isn’t the best record
I’ve heard in ten years, then I don’t know what is.”

Over the years, Harrison has often alluded to the fact that Kontiki was largely inspired by
his immersion in esoteric Taoist training, so turning once again to Chinese philosophy for
this new challenge seemed like a natural progression. 64 songs for 64 hexagrams.
Death of The Cool, the first or four anticipated albums comprising Robert Harrison and
Cotton Mather’s endeavor to write and record 64 songs for each of the I Ching’s 64
hexagrams is set for release on July 29th, 2016 on CD & Digital and September 9th on
Limited Edition Vinyl.